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Is reverse mentoring for you?

With today's focus on diversity and inclusion is reverse mentoring one answer to improving cultural and generational awareness? Simon Brown, advisory board member at mentoring company PushFar says it certainly is. Read why.

Lockdown is not the real world: managing long term homeworking

The current pandemic has brought homeworking kicking and screaming to the top of many organisations’ agendas – whether they wanted it to or not​. But do you know who in your organisation is best suited to it, asks Martin Goodwill from Great People Inside

Creating a resilient workforce

Resilience will be the defining characteristic of the successful post-pandemic workplace, with digital wellbeing tools creating new opportunities to help people stay healthy under pressure

Identify your unknown unknowns and protect your organisation

With more employees working from home, fraud and insider threat are on the rise. But where, as an organisation, do you begin to look for these threats – the unknown unknowns? New technology can help, says Mark Bishop, chief scientific officer at Fact360

Is the COVID pandemic the catalyst for full HR digitalisation?

The widespread pandemic-related acceleration of digitalisation will bring significant benefit to the HR function, says information and digitalisation management expert Michael Reiserer from Easy Software

Healthy habits, healthy workforce

If you want to motivate your people to cultivate healthy habits, wellbeing apps that utilise tactics more typically associated with social media could be the key to success, says Nick McClelland at Mercer Marsh Benefits

Managing change in a VUCA world

Even before COVID-19 businesses were expecting radical change from situations such as Brexit, artificial intelligence, the gig economy and environmental change. So how do you have the right people in your business to deal with all this change – your VUCA leaders?

You don't know what you've got until its gone

Redundancies look like an inevitable and awful consequence of the Corona pandemic, but how can organisations ensure they retain their most valuable people to make their recovery as effective as possible?

Here's why mentoring is key to staff retention

Retaining employees is vital to a business’s success and going about it can seem tricky. Mentoring is the answer to your staff turnover​ says Ed Johnson

How World War II code breakers help unlock your workforce

The complexity within large businesses make it challenging, if not impossible, for senior management to have compete visibility of their staff. Paddy Lawton explains how organisations can reveal hidden intelligence within their own communication networks by applying techniques inspired by war time code breakers

Mentoring for success: a checklist

Mentoring may have had its origins in ancient Greece but it is n essential instrument in today's HR toolbox. Simon Brown outlines the key points to consider when setting up a scheme 

Hiring freeze? Unleash your existing sales assets

During a ‘hiring freeze’, your company stops recruiting new staff. But sales targets are rarely reduced during this period so how can you make sure that your company continues to thrive, asks Martin Goodwill?

Five reasons for digitalisation in human resources

The modern HR department is juggling many tasks and too often administrative work can dominate an HR professional's time

Shaping the future of wellbeing

We are seeing a defining moment for the future of wellbeing and have been reminded that what really matters is health and compassion

Top recruiting trends HR needs to know

From data driven recruiting and analytics to individualisation and social: Irena Szymiczek discusses what HR needs in its recruitment toolbox

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